A London Escort Trying TO Get Pregnancy

My sister who works for a great London escort agency do not believe me when I say that I have no idea how I got pregnant. I have always been really careful, and used protection. Or alternatively, I have done it on a safe day of the month. Using natural birth control is supposed to be just as effective being on the Pill, so it was a real surprise to me when I found out that I was pregnant. My sister and her friends at London escorts says that I was nuts using natural methods.

In a way I am pleased that I am pregnant and I have always wanted to be a mum, but the guy who is the father of the baby is less pleased. But, I have told him that he is just as responsible for the pregnancy as I am. My sister and her friends at London escorts have told me to get something in writing from this guy as I could easily end up having to pay for the baby myself. To be honest, I think that my sister and her friends at London escorts are going a bit over the top.

Like I told my sister, I am sure that this guy is going to stand by me. My sister is not so sure, and she has said that one of the girls at London escorts got pregnant by her regular boyfriend and he did not really want to know. There are probably guys out there who are like that, but I think that I can trust this guy. It could actually be that a lot of the girls at London escorts do not have such nice boyfriends.

Amy, my sister who works for London escorts, is always a bit overprotective of me. She presumes that she knows everything because she works for London escorts. That is not true at all, and I think that I have a lot more experience of life than she does. First of all I am a bit older, and secondly, I feel that my life is more real than hers. She dates all of these businessmen and they all treat her like the Queen of Sheba. I am sure that I am more in touch with real life than my sister is in many ways.

I know that I can trust the guy who has got me pregnant. If he does not want a part of the child’s life, it will not really matter to me but I am sure that I can rely on his financial support. My sister says that she is not so sure, and that I should get him to confess to being the child’s father. You can go to a court or something like that. I will make sure that his name goes on the birth certificate once the baby is born. If I am lucky, he will want to be an active part of the child’s life and I am sure that we may end up being one of those alternative families.…

How To Have Sex Without Getting Pregnant

Ready for sex, but not for parenthood? There are many ways of having sexual intercourse and yet not having a baby. Here are five guidelines that are worth trying out.

Male condoms

They are usually made of latex and are used to prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. One can purchase them in supermarkets, drugstores or any other place without a doctor’s prescription. A condom is worn on an erect penis before sex. A condom should be used for only one sexual encounter, lest it fails to serve its purpose. Condoms must not be used with petroleum jelly products or even lotions. However, it is okay to use them with female enhancement creams or vaginal lubricants that do not have oil, such as the K-Y jelly.

Female condom

It is usually made of polyurethane. Like the male condoms, they can also be bought without a doctor’s prescription. To use it, insert it into the vagina right before sex. Use it for only once. Do not use it together with the male condom. If you can, it is better to use the male condom than the female one, since the male is better for pregnancy prevention.


Spermicides are available in stores without a prescription. They contain a chemical which kills sperms and prevents pregnancy. They can be found in several forms such as cream, jelly, and foam. When using it, apply the spermicide inside the vagina for about ten minutes before having sex. One application can last for one hour. However, you should use another dose of the spermicide for every sexual encounter even if one hour has not yet passed. Avoid rinsing or douching your vagina for about six to eight hours after sex.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills are of two kinds. One is the mini pill while the other is the oral contraceptive. The mini pill has one hormone, progestin; they work by thickening the cervical mucus thus preventing the sperm from meeting the egg. On the other hand, the oral contraceptive is a combination of two hormones, progestin, and estrogen; which function by preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg. One should take a pill daily. The oral contraceptive is more efficient than the mini pill.


A diaphragm is inserted into the vagina before sex, such that it covers the cervix. Before inserting the diaphragm, one should put the spermicide into the dome first. One must be fitted for a diaphragm at a doctor’s office since there are various sizes for diaphragms. It should stay in place for six hours before sex so as to be effective in preventing pregnancy. However, it should not stay for more than twenty-four hours. If you have sex more than once while wearing the diaphragm, you should add more spermicide to it without taking it out. It can be bought in drugstores without a prescription.

What can be better than having sex without having to worry about an unwanted pregnancy? There are numerous ways which one can use to achieve this; you just have to choose the one that suits you best.

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